December 14, He was supposed to propose to his girlfriend just days later. Wu Yongning made his living climbing skyscrapers and hanging off the tops of buildings. The year-old daredevil known as “Chinese Superman” gained a notable following for his scary stunts, leading him to try something so risky that it eventually cost him his life. All of which was caught on video. Chinese rooftopping star Wu Yongning fell to his death from storey building while attempting a challenge. He then swings both of his legs over the building and practices hanging off the ledge with his elbows still bent.

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Wu Yongning, 26, was doing pull-ups at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, the capital of Huan Province, when he lost his grip and fell. Wu fell from a storey building in the Huayuan International Centre complex above Harrowing footage captured the moment he let go, plunging 45ft on to a terrace below where his body was later found by a window cleaner. Wu had been planning to propose to his girlfriend after filming the video on November 8, but died after losing his grip and falling 45ft on to a terrace file pics Wu died on November 8 but his death was only confirmed by family members on December 8 after fans became concerned that no videos had been posted to his social media account for a month.

Viewers paid him with virtual currency if they liked the videos. Fans have now flooded social media with tributes to Wu. Jin Jin, said Huayuan International Centre is only open to the public until the 44th floor, after which key cards are required to access the Grand Hyatt hotel.

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Bamboo rafts amid the splendour of Yangshuo. The riverside town in southern China is most famous for its karst hills and traditional fishing-village lifestyle. Visitors can rent bikes and head to the countryside to find a more calming scene: Most travelers reach Yangshuo from Guilin.

Home > China Guide >Changsha Travel Guide. Changsha Travel Guide. Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province as well as its political, economic and cultural center, is located in the northeastern part of the province. The discovery in of the amazingly well-preserved Mawangdui Tomb corpse at Changsha, dating back to BCE , with.

The journey takes about 25 minutes. The train station is a short drive from the Visitor’s Center, making a day trip to Shaoshan from Changsha very convenient. The highway of Shaoshan extends to all directions. Go eastward, you will get to Xiangtan City; go northward, you will reach Changsha and Zhangjiajie Cities. They set out every 50 minutes from 7AM to 5PM. The new high-speed train from Changsha South has now made getting to Shaoshan a whole lot easier.

Trains are regular and fast reaching up to km per hour on the short trip. Buses at Shaoshan South railway station provide inexpensive transfer to Shaoshan and to Getting around the main tourist sites in Shaoshan is extremely easy, even if you have limited Chinese. In the train station parking lot there are always buses waiting, including big tourist buses and local buses. The local bus to the visitor’s center is free, but if you don’t speak Chinese the best option is the tourist bus.

Just listen for someone shouting “Mao Ze Dong. However, for just RMB you can take this bus to the visitor’s center.

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High Season From April 1 to Oct. RMB30 on your left side. Or you may just walk for about 1. Get off Bagou Station, follow your nose, you will meet a river, then turn right and walk along the river bank till the New Palace Gate of Summer Palace.

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Province. Changsha girls are famous across the country for their extraordinary beauty. Many have skin like white-jade, cherry blossom faces, and delicate, curvy figures.

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Horrifying footage shows tied-up golden retriever being beaten to death by cop in street

The outside of the tombs were layered with white clay and charcoal. White clay layering originated with Chu burials, while charcoal layering was practiced during the early western Han dynasty in the Changsha area. The tombs contained nested lacquered coffins, a Chu burial custom.

Flights from Los Angeles to Changsha Flights from Los Angeles to Changsha, current page in the Hengshan mountain range combines nature and history with stunning views and an assortment of historical relics dating as far back as the sixth century. Tianxin Pavilion and its ancient wall, considered one of China’s four greatest ancient.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A police officer bludgeoned a golden retriever to death in public after the animal attacked two pedestrians. The cop, who was not named, is said to have used a thick wooden pole and slowly beat the dog to death over the course of three hours as passers-by watched on in horror. The animal was tied to a barrier in the middle of the street when the policeman struck it, in an incident caught in distressing footage.

Authorities from Changsha, capital of Hunan Province in central China , said they had not been equipped with tranquilisers and did not want to shoot the dog because they feared the ricocheting bullet might injury a pedestrian. The owner of the distressed dog could not be found. AsiaWire Pictured is the dog. It was chained up by the officer on a street Image: AsiaWire Read More ‘It’s filling up, it’s cold’: Woman phones police from inside sinking car after driving into icy pond Footage being shared on social media shows the golden retriever with a lead and collar having been tied to a bollard, but the officer strikes the animal anyway, causing it to cry loudly.

Officer Peng Yong, who is a colleague of the officer in question, said they were called after two victims named Mr Leng and Mr Zhu reported being attacked by the animal. CCTV footage showed the golden retriever, whose owner could not be located despite the length of the attack, appearing to bite Mr Leng, 66, and Mr Zhu, 23 as they walked past it. Mr Leng suffered a minor injury to his knee, while Mr Zhu’s clothing was slightly damaged.

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August 12, 2 Comments Chinese wives and girlfriends are increasingly popular with Western men. In fact, they could well be displacing Thai and Filipina women as the Asian lady of choice. One curious thing of Chinese wives and girlfriends is that so many of them seem to be from Hunan Province in Central China. A disproportionate number of Chinese wives of Western men seem to originate from this province.

Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, has a rich historical background and abundant natural beauty. Mount Yuelu in the Hengshan mountain range combines nature and history with stunning views and an assortment of historical relics dating as far back as the sixth century.

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Research on the early pottery of China had been conducted mostly in central and southern China; in contrast, research in northern China has been restricted, and only 5 sites had been discovered to date. Therefore, additional data is needed to foster the progress of research on early pottery in northern China. Given this situation, there is great value in the investigation of the many potsherds associated with microblade industry that have been found in secondary sediments of Layer 5 of the Lingjing site in Henan Province, on the Huang-Huai Plain at the southern end of the North China Plain.

Based on AMS 14C dates ca. On the basis of archaeological research on early pottery, including examples from Lingjing, it appears that pottery in northern China generally emerged at the beginning of the Holocene Therefore, this emergence of pottery was likely related to the rapid warming just after the end of the last glacial period, after the Younger Dryas.

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The cargo was purchased for around USD 32 million by a private company, the Sentosa Leisure Group, and the Singaporean government in It throws light on the nature of maritime trade during the 9th century between the middle East and China. The cargo is a time capsule which revealed the mix of Chinese ceramics that were produced and exported. Study of the wreck confirmed that the “lashed-lug” method using fibers to stitch the planks together was used to construct the ship.

This wreck is the first physical proof that the Arabian dhow was the vehicle for transporting of goods from China to the Middle East. Model of the Arabian dhow Singapore Asian Civilisation Museum Dating of the Wreck Radiocarbon dating of the ship’s timber produced a relatively wide range date of – A. D for the wreck. In the book “Shipwrecked Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds”, some ceramics scholars have offered views pushing the date forward by 2 to 3 decades.

The decoration is more likely depiction of military encampment of tent and flags. But if we examine the motif carefully, we can see that it is not round but more squarish form with edges. It is puzzling and an egnima. Did the potter used both to reinforce the representation of fire?

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