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This month we’ll tackle a simple wiring project. Wiring your off-road lights might seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t use your brain you could go from a blazing beam to fire and screams with one quick spark. The trick to wiring lights-or anything on your vehicle, for that matter-is using wire and switches large enough for the load currently required and protecting them the entire way. Before we go any further we must emphasize that every lighting project is different and properly sized wiring, switches, and fuses need to be used.

This page reviews a Xtreme H11 HID Kit when installed in a Toyota Rav4. The Review compares the light output and brightness when installed in a Toyota Rav4. Also, shows where to mount the HID bulbs and ballasts in a Rav4.

Ran into the same problem as others did, having to trim the fins of the bulb that is. Here are pics of the tabs next to each other so you can see what has to be trimmed Close, but not enough to fit right Tab on the outside is on the wrong side of the housing Pull the plastic out to access the bulb. You have to kinda pull up and out, there are clips on the upper plastic holding it against the body turning the wheels inward helps make more room Step 3: Shave the bulbs see previous pics and hook up the wires.

Black is ground, color is hot.


Canada Well for starters on HID conversions, most people simply use a re-based bulb to upgrade their halogen reflector headlights. They can also use others types as well like a H7 etc Doing a simple upgrade like this consists of a HID capsule, HID ballast, cable s to hook up, and some hardware for mounting. The upgrade can take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours to complete depending how hard it is get at your bulbs, and finding a suitable place to mount the ballast.

Each bulb requires its own ballast to fire up the HID capsule. When the lights are turned on, the ballast ignites the gases inside the bulb using over 20, V.

Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts Electronic metal halide ballasts are the best of all worlds, combining enormous versatility with seamless, fully integrated components. These highly-efficient HID ballasts are also lightweight, small and have much better lumen maintenance, power regulation, and color consistency than any magnetic ballast.

Splice in two wires at the original headlight plug. I don’t know the colour of the wires but if you have a look at the plug there are two pins that run parallel to each other, splice a wire into each of these. To test you have the correct wires, put a test light across both of these wires it should light up when high beam in on only. The 3rd wire, going by SimHilux is the Red with a Green strip, we do not use this.

For now, connect the end of these two wires to terminals 85 and 86 of your relay. Check the operation of your headlights and spotlights , the spot lights should only come on with high beam and go off when low beam is on or the headlights are turned off. If ok, disconnect the wire at pin 86 of the relay, double check the operation of your headlights. If they are still functioning correctly run another 2 wires into the cab and connect to your spotlight switch. At the relay connect one wire to terminal 86 of the relay and the other wire connect this to the wire you previously disconnected from the relay.

Let us know how you go.

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We will start installation from opening the hood in the sunny day and looking at the back of your headlight: Now in order to install the HID bulb to the housing it will be easier to put the bulb into the headlight assembly: Now we have the bulbs installed on the both sides and proceed installing the Ballasts — device that makes the HID bulb light up: After connecting the Ballast to the bulb we need to hook up the beam selection wire and the Ballast to the Relay harness.

How to Hook up Strobe Lights in a Car. When ordering a strobe light kit, ensure that you are getting a strobe light control module, or you’ll just have solid lights that are always on, or always off. How to Convert From HID Lights to Halogens on a Prius. How to Wire Golf Cart Lights.

Posted 27 November – Pancake fans are extremely minimal current draw. Normal headlight bulbs are watts. X2 is a minimal of 16watts less than a stock setup. In addition – I just posted in the other thread and thought would share here. I have them both in my sleds In addition, if you have lighter controls With the LEDs no relay to wire into the wiring, no delay in waiting for the lights to come to full lumens and literally plug into the headlight connector that is already there and put the bulb in the lamp and you done.

I am switching to LEDs. The LEDs are the superior products. Here is the information I have obtained on each product.. The Ultra Stars are a nice, bright, white light. The downfall is they are not a rough service type of bulb. I would only get about a year out of them in my Tacoma, went through about 4 per year, per sled.

How to install HID kits with no risk of damaging factory wiring!

Includes lights for driver and passenger side of truck box Hard-wires into your power system Illuminate entire truck bed High intensity LED bulbs Works with all trucks If you have ever fumbled around in the dark trying to get something out of your truck bed you need the B-Light tonneau lighting system from Truxedo.

This handy light will illuminate your bed in the darkest of conditions giving you clear visibility. Hard wired directly to your truck’s battery this LED truck bed light system will never fail you when you need it most. You get 20 feet of wiring and a toggle switch to mount in your cab. This Truxedo LED bed light kit has 8 light pods.

How To: Installation of a HID Headlight ~ Electra Glide® Secure bike in a clean, well light, level, and safe work environment. Remove the ground strap from your battery. * Test HID Hi/Lo by connecting the Yes, you can/should pre-test your kit like this.

Click on the link if you want to see how they work Here’s a generic picture of the different colors. You want to pick a color that you like, but remember, some of your local law officers do not like HIDs. You should consult your local law office as to their legality in your area. This is a generic chart showing the range of available bulb colors: These colors will vary slightly from set to set as there is technically no ‘hard line’ between when they change.

You’ll need to find out what “Size” or “Style” bulb you have. To do that, I recommend using this Bulb Fitment Chart that will tell you if you have H7, H11, , , or whatever I recommend 35W, they’ll be plenty bright for you. I have NO problem lighting up the world at night with them. I get flipped off on a regular basis around town with just my low beams on as my truck sits a little higher than most vehicles on the road and HIDs are considerably brighter than stock headlights.

If you feel you have the need for 55w then go for it. It’s your truck and that’s the beauty of individuality. Installation is pretty simple, here’s a couple tips.

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I would like to think my truck is pretty sharp anyways, but wow are these lights ever bright and boy do they stand out anytime they are on. So for my HID’s I went with three of their 35watt kits The only thing I am disappointed with was the install for the Fog’s I really wish that there was a “Plug” rather than the two individual wires. Later on down the road I am going to look for a way to improve upon this hook up.

Projector headlights offer intensive light beam concentration and focus. The projector technology uses the shape of the shade edge, and the exact position of the .

Next, it’s time to remove the old bulbs and put the new ones in. You now have a nice big space that looks like this in the area of the drivers side where the battery used to be: You are now left with this: It will swing up and out from it’s retainer. It will remain attached. Now remove the stock bulb assembly by twisting and pulling gently until it releases: Now it’s time to insert the new HID bulbs.

BEFORE you insert the bulbs, please see below posts for how to put back on the rubber protective boots as you reinstall the HID bulbs – without having to modify them in any way whatsoever. If you do get them spotty, gently clean with an alcohol wipe or dry lint free cloth or so I’ve read. Now simply insert the new bulb taking care to ensure a snug fit and that everything is aligned.

Also lock the bulb in the locked position by turning it slightly to the right. You’ll be able to plainly see how this works when you see the bulbs in the kit. It’s just a matter of simply turning them to the locked position which is clearly indicated on the bulb housings. Then simply place the wire spring clip back into it’s original position which should hold the bulb housing in place for the most part.

How To Install HID Kit Light with Relay Harness