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Saturday, February 19, Religious Medals on Antique Rosaries Frequently, rosaries from the French influenced areas of Canada and throughout Europe have a variety of religious medals attached. Dating back centuries, the practice of attaching medals obtained during various religious pilgrimages proliferated in Europe and continues to today. Enjoy some pictures of antique rosaries with attached medals from Canada and Europe that are currently on The Sacred Bead. The Miraculous Medal is, without a doubt, the most commonly added medal found on rosaries. Note the use of antique aluminum medals on this 15 decade antique rosary. An Irish Horn rosary with an attached Miraculous Medal. Art glass beads and a beautiful blue enamel medal of Mary grace this exquisite antique rosary. An exceptional 15 decade rosary from a convent in Belgium.

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One many of the early rosaries there were no Paters other than the one at the juncture of the loop where the pendant fell so the Credo Cross was next to the Reliquary cross at the end of the pendant then came the Pater to form the loop. The three Ave beads were added later and became a reminder to pray for an increase in Faith, Hope and Charity or Love. But when did all of this come about?

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The freshwater pearl bracelet has had a sterling silver extension chain added which enables the bracelet to be lengthened and therefore can also be worn into adulthood All silver components apart from the argentium silver wire please see below for description of argentium silver are sterling silver. This Rosary bracelet has been carefully handcrafted using the traditional wire wrapping method.

Each gemstone is individually wrapped by hand in a swirl of argentium silver which adds beauty to the finished piece A deep blue with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars. Sterling silver thistle centrepiece, Celtic cross and Bali beads. This Rosary has been carefully handcrafted using the traditional wire wrapping method.

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Many necklaces started shorter and grew longer as the woman grew older. Necklaces with a Koran-box attached to it have been listed under a separate silver Koran-box section. The Shubqah necklaces are very curious as the image of Indian gods have been stamped on them.

Feb 19,  · Religious Medals on Antique Rosaries Frequently, rosaries from the French influenced areas of Canada and throughout Europe have a variety of religious medals attached. Dating back centuries, the practice of attaching medals obtained during various religious pilgrimages proliferated in Europe and continues to today.

Still Stone and Moss handmade rosaries and prayer beads are little works of sacramental art We gather antique, vintage, handmade and unusual beads from all around the world. We’re especially drawn to hand-carved stones, hardwoods, seeds, fruit pits, bone and horn, pressed and fire-polished glass We mingle the new and the old. We compose in color and form Some beads chime, some click, some make a little rumble like the sound of pebbles pulled by waves along the seashore Earth’s crammed with Heaven And every common bush afire with God.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, from “Aurora Leigh,” Nearly all our crosses, crucifixes, rosary centers and medals are solid bronze and sterling silver

Fashion in the Middle Ages, 14th Century.

What is the difference between “antique” and “vintage”? Strictly speaking antique items must be at least years old and vintage must be at least 50 years old, BUT, I have used the terms rather loosely, based more on stylistic characteristics than strictly on age. It is often very difficult to date a rosary because some styles were used for decades. I try my best to describe a general age for the rosaries. New to me is ‘s to the present and you will not find many rosaries on my site of this age.

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Antique Roses Antique Gold Antique Jewelry Cross Jewelry Jewelry Box Jewelry Accessories Jewelery Gold Cross Diamond Pendant Forward Late 18th century gold cross pendant suspended from a flower medallion and adorned with antique rose-cut diamonds and granulated surround.

Her love of gemstones came at an early age, and her father used to collect many rare gemstones. As a child, she would rather save her money to go to the antique shops to look for gems and built up a small collection. She is Palestinian, being born in Kuwait and then raised in Riyadh. Dima is now living in Cairo with her husband and kids. There is an interesting story of how her jewelry making started. While she was on vacation in London, Dima thought it would be an excellent idea to buy her friend a kit so that she could learn to make bracelets and necklaces while resting in bed.

She bought as many items as she could so that she could learn to make jewelry when she got back to Cairo. She learned how to make simple jewelry by watching DVD tutorials at home. Once she had learned the basics, she went on to make other pieces as well. Dima started by making rosaries. When Dina started making jewelry using gemstones she found that it cost a lot of money, but her husband supported her. He is fond of art as well, so he was quite happy for Dima to pursue her jewelry design career.

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French Fashion to French Fashion in the Middle Ages. Table of Content The States of Languedoc — A young French lady in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries — Low dresses — Saying of a mercer — Damoiselles — Garnaches and garde-corps — Le Parement des dames — Social distinctions — High character is worth more than gilded belt — Precious stones — The castles and other dwellings of the middle ages — Splendid furniture — Humble abodes of the poor — Evening assemblies.

Knight, military in the time of King Charles V. He was the third king of the House of Valois, a side branch of the Capetians, and is considered one of the great kings of the French Middle Ages.

The Basilica of Our Lady (Dutch: Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw; Limburgish/Maastrichtian [colloquial]: Slevrouwe) is a Romanesque church in the historic center of Maastricht, church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption (Dutch: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tenhemelopneming) and is a Roman Catholic parish church in the Diocese of church is often referred to as the Star .

Components[ edit ] Beads can be made of many different materials. The earliest beads were made of a variety of natural materials which, after they were gathered, could be readily drilled and shaped. As humans became capable of obtaining and working with more difficult materials, those materials were added to the range of available substances. But nowadays synthetic materials were added.

In modern manufacturing, the most common bead materials are wood, plastic , glass , metal , and stone. Natural materials[ edit ] Beads are still made from many naturally occurring materials, both organic i. However, some of these materials now routinely undergo some extra processing beyond mere shaping and drilling such as color enhancement via dyes or irradiation. The natural organics include bone , coral , horn , ivory , seeds such as tagua nuts , animal shell , and wood.

For most of human history pearls were the ultimate precious beads of natural origin because of their rarity; the modern pearl-culturing process has made them far more common. Amber and jet are also of natural organic origin although both are the result of partial fossilization. The natural inorganics include various types of stones , ranging from gemstones to common minerals , and metals. Of the latter, only a few precious metals occur in pure forms, but other purified base metals may as well be placed in this category along with certain naturally occurring alloys such as electrum.

There are also paper beads.

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Besides such decorative items as necklaces, bracelets, ear-rings, or brooches, here belong also such articles that are functional as well as decorative for example, cuff links, buckles and, by extension, also movable jewelry and articles that are sewn on a garment, for example, a hat ornament enseigne , decorative buttons, and jewelled dress ornaments.

In the Middle Ages and in Renaissance jewels, being a part of personal adornment, played an immense role in self-expression and self-representation. Utilitarian use of pieces of jewelry as a part of dress is one of the natural and most ancient functions of jewelry. In the early Middle Ages, most jewelry was functional. Dress fashions did not allow for a great display of jewelry. The long, high-necked, sleeved under-dress, and shorter-sleeved over-tunic that were worn by both sexes, though they might themselves be richly adorned with embroidery, left little scope for jewels.

First Holy Communion Rosaries Students Bulk Lot Rosary Set for Boys of Girls, 10 Pack. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Novelty & More. from Die striking enables the intricate details of the metal to fully show when the antique finish from hand polishing is applied. Each medal is supplied with a genuine rhodium plated chain and is.

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