Computer won’t turn on. Power supply is okay. Is the motherboard bad?

On newer computers, the battery may only be used for the clock. Newer computers actually have UEFI firmware. The BIOS then passes control over to a boot loader located on a device — usually your hard drive, but a boot loader can also boot off a USB device or optical disc. The boot loader then loads your operating system — Windows , Linux , Mac OS X , or whatever else is installed on your computer. The BIOS is responsible for low-level system tasks. You don’t have to remember a key combination, you can just use the Windows 8 boot options menu. We’ll show you how.

HP Slimline s5-1000 Series Desktop PCs – Replacing the Power Switch and LED Holder

Next Prev The wires on the main 20 pin or 24 pin connectors are color coded. These are the same for all ATX power supplies: The green wire is the “power on” sensor. This wire is internally connected to 5V with a pull-up resistor. If you connect this wire to ground any black wire the power supply will turn on. The gray “power good” indicator is at 5V if each of the output wires is operating at the correct voltages.

STEP 1. Turn off the computer, unplug the AC/DC power adapt and remove the battery. Remove screws from the memory and hard drive covers. Remove both covers.

Want a new motherboard? Want to install it yourself? Scared to death of all those cables? If you’re running Windows 95 or 98 and have a printer, this is easy enough – open System Properties in Control Panel, click the Device Manager tab and click Print. You will now have a few handy pages telling you what’s where. It used to be essential to now reset the machine and hit Delete for the CMOS setup menu, then write down the hard disk heads, cylinders and sectors.

It’s almost certain that you’ll be able to auto-detect the hard drive parameters with the any remotely recent board and drive, though, so this step is now one for the paranoid.

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Thanks for the help and the link manojtk January 18, Great tutorial. I am a complete newbie wrt soldering and stuff, but I went ahead and bought all the equpiments suggested here for under 20 pounds, and it took me about six hours to dissemble the laptop again following the tutorial here, fix the soldering and put it back together. Needless to say it worked!!! Btw few variations between the instructions here and what I did 1.

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More about connect front panel wires motherboard smorizio on your case wires the white sides are the grounds or – on the motherboard side. Best answer Oct 18, , 6: You may need your motherboard manual for a close up diagram for your motherboard connections but apart from that, its very easy. The switches marked as SW are much easier because they don’t matter which way round they go. On each of your connectors, if you look closely, you will see a small arrow on the black plastic Connect this to the bottom left pins on your motherboard.

In your case it is the one on the most left.

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Mar 27, , I ran through the checklist and couldnt find anything that I did incorrectly. I ordered it from Amazon, but who knows how long they have had it. Is there any way to update it without buying a new CPU? Not sure if that gives any more information. TheDraac Mar 28, , 1:

I need to plug in my case’s power/reset/hdd-light plugs into the motherboard. I usually check the documentation of the board to see which leads go to what connector, but I .

Once it allowed me to go in and change the boot order was going to try Linux as a backdoor or other live diagnostic utilities , but that was it now it just stop there, no matter if I give a little kiss or throw it across the room with all my might just kidding. You can try minimizing the system by removing parts one by one and test the laptop after each part removed.

It was lightly dropped or so the previous owner said and I believe him. Is that enough to unseat the CPU? The CPU secured pretty good. Try reconnecting memory modules, maybe one of the modules is not making good contact with the slot. Roelworks July 11, if i just want to clean the fan do i have to dissamble the whole thing…i failed with my other laptop..

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MichaelCrider December 12, , A nice set of bits is handy for larger or smaller screws, but everything else you need should be provided with your case and various parts. If your home or your workspace is particularly prone to static discharges, you might want an anti-static bracelet.

Buy Kingwin Hard Drive Power Switch Module for inch/ inch SATA HDD/SSD. Optimized for SSD, Power On or Off HDDs as Wish, Controls up to Six HDDs, and Provide Longevity to Your Hard Drives: USB Port Cards – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

If you don’t see something that looks like that, you may want to get one. Nah, I don’t have one.. I’ll probably have to go downtown and pick one up today. I am reading this, and I hear you say that you do not want to try to start the board by shorting across the 2 power pins. However, you state that you are certain the power supply is not bad, because you have tested each of the power supply leads with a tester.

Your statements lead me to believe that your assessment of your PSU may not be conclusive. A motherboard speaker, so you can listen to beep codes, is a must for troubleshooting these things.

How do I hook up TRI-SLI to the EVGA X79 Dark?

The transistors and diodes are available from many sources. Please visit the Parts reference page for suggested sites. Bally Game List.

Aug 28,  · The same thing happened to me with the GIGABYTE GA-EPUD3R and the same ram, case and processor. I ended up taking everything out except for the processor video card and 1 .

That’s how I’m doing it.. I have 2 arcade buttons on the back 1 power and 1 reset which powers my computer which is plugged into the smart strip. When the computer turns on everything turns on. When the computer turns off everything turns off.. I’d love to know more about how this power strip works. And what causes everything to go off when the computer shuts down?

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Share Save Every so often, that console-modding Benjamin Heckendorn wanders away from his lair at benheck. If you’re like us, you probably have many fond memories of playing arcade games in your younger days. As the years passed the consoles became the most advanced machines available and arcades faded from the limelight, eventually popping up only as the occasional deer-slaying simulator or th version of Golden Tee. In this How-To we’re going to describe the method by which you can take old arcade motherboards, easily attainable on eBay, and “consolize” them for use with a standard TV and controllers.

Many people are satisfied with emulators such as MAME, and while they’re become better and even more legal thanks to the recent “abandonware” legislation you still can’t beat the real deal. Certain arcade machines, such as the Neo-Geo, are great choices for this project because you can actually plug new games into the hardware using the cheap and plentiful “MVS Cartridges.

The power supply unit inside of an ASUS computer is responsible for providing power to all of the components inside of the PC.

It converts a couple of 4 pin peripheral power cables into an 8 pin 12 volt cable. If you use one of these adapters then be sure to plug the 4 pin peripheral connectors into separate cables coming from the power supply. If you plug them both into the same power supply cable then you are drawing all the power of the 8 pin 12 volt connector through a single 18 gauge wire. You can often get away with that but there’s no reason to do it. If you leave the two pieces separate then you can plug one of the 4 pin pieces into a 4 pin 12 volt connector and leave the other 4 pin piece unplugged.

If you look carefully at the image above then you can see the polarization of the pins which prevents you from plugging the cable in improperly. Some of the pins are square and some of them have rounded off corners. The motherboard connectors have matching square and rounded off corners to prevent the cable from being plugged in the wrong way.

But if you look really carefully at the right half of this particular cable and then look at the 8 pin 12 volt cable pictured above you’ll notice that they don’t match.

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On the next page look under the heading to the right – Document. Left-click on the blue – E v2. A small window will come up with the heading – Opening E v2. Where this file will go.

Power ratings Computer Environment Memory Shared system memory Up to 8 GB GDDR5X Power ratings Table Power ratings Type W APFC W Bronze Input current 8 A 8 A Output current V/17A, 5V/25A, 12VA/ 18A, 12VB/16A, 12VC/8A.

This is the funniest way to repair a mainboard the plastic conectors for memory, keyboard an other will melt in oven … The laptop still works after this repair. NOW, for all peeps who dont know, when open you laptop for do that reflowing i talk of dvxxxx series , cut the white wire of the cpu fan. Why not just use a heat gun. It would be faster and more efficient while not burning up all of the other components.

Also you can purchase a rework gun for not that much. Dave June 26, Holy cow!

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